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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need before completing the application?

Before submitting your application, ensure you have two key elements in place:

  1. Showreel or Portfolio: Include a diverse selection of your best work, such as video clips or project samples, to showcase your skills and experience.
  2. Terms and Conditions (T&C’s): Review and agree to our Terms and Conditions, as they outline essential guidelines and legal aspects of your engagement with us. These steps are vital for a successful application process.

Is there a cost to join the agency?
There is no cost to join the agency and be featured on our website. A one-off Payment of £40+VAT for website maintenance and administration will be taken from your first job payment.

Do I attend a shoot with my pet?
Yes indeed, you act as the pet’s handler, always directing the pet onset.

Can my pet become a model?
Yes, your pet can become a model with Urban Paws UK if they have basic and obedience training. Your pet will need to have a calm and obedient temperament, and be comfortable around unfamiliar people and new environments.

Your pet’s profile will be assessed by lots of agents, photographers and of course film directors who are looking for animal hire for their specific brief. All of our work is always paid, which varies – all depending on the job.

Do you take a commission?
Yes, we do take a commission.

Is travel covered?
Yes, travel is covered.

How long do we have to wait for payment?
Payment can take 6-8 weeks after the job has been completed which is standard for the media industry.

How old does my pet need to be?
We only take animals on to the agency books over the age of 1 year, unless they have precious work experience and are exceptionally well trained.

How well trained does my pet need to be?
With all domestic pets, the animal needs to have all basic commands as a minimum requirement: sit, stay, stand, go to mark, recall etc. (This only applies to Dogs and Cats)

All training needs to be distance work from 5-10 feet away. The higher level of obedience/training the more successful your pet’s application will be. With cats it is vital they are people friendly, happy to be handled, harness/lead trained and used to being in new environment.  

Does my animal need pet insurance?
Yes, as some clients do require the animal be insured.

What skills do animal models need?
All animals need to be people friendly and comfortable in busy/loud environments.

Cat and dogs will need to have all basic commands and can respond from a distance.

Other animals will need to be comfortable being handled and happy to travel.

What happens once my pet has been enrolled?
UPUK will create a bespoke profile on our website for our clients to read about the animal, view images and watch the tricks/commands on the showreel.

We will then promote your animal to our B2B audiences.

Your animal will be announced as a new face on our social media platforms.

Once a suitable job has been selected for your pet, one of our bookers will get in touch to discuss.

What is a Showreel?
The purpose of a showreel is to allow potential clients to see your pet in action and get a glimpse of their abilities.

The video will highlight the range of tricks, stunts, and behaviours that your pet can perform, making it easier for clients to decide if they would like to hire your pet for their specific project or event.

How much is a Showreel?
There are two options available if you would like to create a showreel for your pet.

The first option is to create the showreel yourself, ensuring it meets a high standard and our specification.

The second option is to utilize our freelance videographer for a fee of £50. This option ensures a high-quality final product that showcases your pet’s talents in the best possible way.

Your profile will not be visible until a showreel is received.

Can I join Urban Paws UK if I am enrolled with another agency?
Yes, you can as long as the other agency is not within a 40-mile radius

Does my pet need insurance?
Ideally yes, we do encourage all pets to have their own insurance, however, we are fully insured to protect your pets.

How many hours can my pet be onset?
Animals can work onset hourly, half-day (up to 4 hours) or a full-day (up to 8 hours) with breaks throughout the day. 


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