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Meet Bailey!

Chow Chow
North Yorkshire, Yorkshire and the Humber

Introducing Bailey, the exquisite Chow Chow female dog available for hire. Radiating a captivating personality, Bailey epitomizes serenity and gentleness. This canine companion strikes a unique balance between independence and obedience, portraying a distinctive blend of characteristics. Her remarkable qualities are mirrored in her appearance, featuring the hallmark dense, woolly undercoat and luxuriously fluffy topcoat that defines the Chow Chow breed.

Remarkably responsive for a Chow Chow, Bailey displays a commendable obedience to basic commands, executed flawlessly. Her adaptability extends to various props, and her inherent photogenic nature positions her as an ideal pet model capable of seamlessly embracing a wide spectrum of roles.

Bailey’s affability transcends species, making her at ease with both fellow dogs and humans of any age. Her willingness to collaborate with actors or canine counterparts enriches her versatility on set. Endowed with an unruffled temperament and a disposition that takes life’s challenges in stride, Bailey’s composed demeanour renders her an optimal presence for any production, embodying the essence of a tranquil yet engaging companion.

Training checklist:
- Animal-friendly
- Balance on object
- Can be placed in position
- Can style hair
- Can work outdoors
- Cat-friendly
- Catch a treat
- Child-friendly
- Dog-friendly
- Eat/drink in new environment
- Give paw
- Go to bed
- Hairdryer-friendly
- Happy to be groomed
- Happy to be handled
- Jump into/out of a car boot
- Jump up/on/over an object
- Lie down
- Paws up on object
- People-friendly
- Positional work
- Product placement
- Ride a moving object
- Shake on command
- Sit
- Stand
- Stay
- Travels well
- Wears pet clothing + accessories
- Work from a distance
- Works with props

Recently, Bailey worked with Composite Prime as part of their TV advert. Composite Prime are specialists in premium composite decking products.

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