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Australian Silky Terrier

Commonly referred to as the Australian Silky Terrier or simply Silky Terrier for short, this particular breed of dog has a longstanding heritage originating in Great Britain before being further developed in Australia. While they were bred primarily to be pets, they are also able to hunt small rodents and snakes. In both appearance and temperament, they are closely related to the Australian and Yorkshire terriers.

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Due to the silkiness of its fur, the Australian Silky Terrier requires a fair amount of care in order to retain its cleanliness and keep its fur from becoming tangled and matting. While they are terriers by name, the Australian Silky Terrier is often categorised within the toy animal group due to their small size. This makes them the perfect breed when used in accompaniment with a range of products of different sizes or even other animals.

Even though they can be stubborn and wilful, the Australian Silky Terrier is amongst the most intelligent dog breeds when it comes to picking up new skills and tricks. Training might not always be easy, but when carried out properly often results in a highly skilled dog.

Ahead of being made available to hire, all of the talent available at Urban Paws is checked from both a behavioural and medical standpoint to ensure they are able to seamlessly integrate into a working environment and undertake the modelling and acting work required of them.


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