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An icon of British culture, horses are utilised within numerous advertising and branding campaigns. Their intelligence makes them easy to train, while their relaxed and elegant temperament makes them a prime choice when working with actors as well as animals. The refined feel that horses can provide to a business are the reasons behind why so many make the switch to Equestrian animals.

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Ranking amongst some of the oldest animals still walking the Earth, horses have long been considered a partner to mankind and while you’re probably unlikely to see someone riding a horse going down the road these days, their importance across history cannot be overstated. There’s a reason why horses have been used by mankind for so long – they are naturally intelligent and can be quickly trained to carry out even more complex tricks and manoeuvres.

While their size can make them intimidating to some, horses are generally known to be gentle and caring; only showing their aggressive side when provoked. Large corporations such as Lloyds have revolutionised the way horses are seen in mainstream media through their black horse marketing campaign for loans and financial plans. The powerful imagery of a horse serving as a lifelong companion and pillar of support is a prime fit for various financial products and serves to create a very impactful advertisement. Get in touch with our team to find out about our horses for hire.

At Urban Paws it is our responsibility as a leading animal talent agency that all of our animals are fully trained and have all of the latest vaccinations and medical checks; a duty we carry out with care.


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